Understanding Ethical Beauty and Sustainable Products & Packaging

Sustainability has been the interest of many people ever since the issues with the environment have received more attention. Sustainability could be tied up with anything — fashion, cosmetics, technology, and etc. …


I remember I had to take a 14-hour flight back to Korea last March and I washed my hands so often and also used the sanitizer because I was worried so much.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Directed by George C. Wolfe

1. All of these films feature historic figures. What is unique about the filmmaker’s approach to bending concepts of the ‘bio pic’?

Before I watched the movie Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, I thought it would be a more documentary-like video focused…

#Black Lives Matter

Artwork of Graphic Designer on Black Lives Matter


I have always been interested in racism because I’m Asian and there have been a lot of issues regarding the racism of Asians. Ever since the pandemic had started in the United States last year, I was able to hear about situations where Asians were being…

Q6. Vanessa Nakate: Who is she? And why is this photograph important?

Vanessa Nakate is a Ugandan climate activist who wants to bring attention to the effects of climate change in her country and around Africa. …

1. What is your favorite quote from the book and why do you find it meaningful?

My favorite quote from the book is “To stand apart is to take the view of the outsider without leaving, always oriented toward what it is you would have left. It means not fleeing…

Stephanie Kim

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